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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Notes on Weeding and Developing the Folktale Collection

The Emperor's New Clothes by Demi could be considered a variant of the Andersen folktale. Depending on how we decide to organize the section, I might like to revisit this title...

In general, remember to focus on Andersen's tales- do they even belong in the folktale section? they're not listed in the Children's catalog there...

check out Storytelling Art and Technique co-written by Augusta Baker. It's on the staff shelf.

Check into Children's adaptations of famous ballets- Swan Lake, Nutcracker

I believe that giving patrons access to collections of folktales from other countries is important, but what we have is not circulating in a major way. Make sure you look into possibly buying a set of "folktales from around the world" or something like that...

Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan

Celtic Folktales

Sea Legends

Natalie Savage Carlson

I'm curious about whether or not a display of Native American stories would circulate despite the condition of the books... Maybe I could try it before I weed out certain books from the collection.

Beatrice Schenk De Regniers writer
Margot Tomes illustrator

newer versions of the fisherman and his wife

Arthur Rackham

William Pene DuBois

William J. Faulkner- writer

Troy Howell- illustrator

Sid Fleischman

website for World Folklore Series:

easy reader folktales

John Henry- are there other good adaptations besides Lester's? Or should we just get more copies??

Check back on Faber book of Modern Fairy Tales and The Blue Bird by Fiona French -- both re-classed

King Arthur books

fairy tales from other countries written at child's reading level


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